Aurora Dental “Well here I am and Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me! The day started out pretty lousy because I got up thismorning and GOT NO BREAKFAST – NOTHING.Things started to look up when my harness came out and I knew I was going for a car ride. We went to my special doctor and everyone made a big fuss over me. I don’t remember much after that but when I woke up they told me I had 17 teeth to leave for the Tooth Fairy tonight. The Landlord says I’m going to break the Tooth Fairy’s bank, but my foster mother says Doggie Tooth Fairies leave treats, not money – am I lucky or what?!

I’m going back to my doctor in 2 weeks to have a check up on my mouth. This is my picture from just a few minutes ago. You can’t tell that my mouth is a little emptier can you?” (Written by Aurora with a bit of help from her foster mom!)

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