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Congrat’s to Bailey

Congrat’s to Bailey Congratulations to Bailey on his new family. We are happy to report that his diabetes is now well managed and he's enjoying early morning belly rubs. We wish him many happy years in with his new family! IMG_7406Bailey Canal Walk

Amanda K. Ruisi Joins Cavalier Alliance Board

The Cavalier Alliance is pleased to announce that Amanda K. Ruisi has joined our Board of Advisors.  Ms. Ruisi is the Founder & President of AKR Public Relations, an award-winning PR agency that specializes in celebrity brands, entertainment and lifestyle.  Her appointment to the board of advisors was effective in February 2015. Amanda Ruisi"Amanda brings a wealth of experience to our non-profit and we are so pleased she will be working with us in the months and years ahead!" said Tonya Andersen, Co-founder, Cavalier Alliance for Rescue, Research, and Education, Inc. Ms. Ruisi represents many A-list celebrities, TV shows, and Fortune 500 companies. She is a tireless animal activist who has helped raise millions of dollars for charities. Making big progress, she is genuinely moved by each rescue dog's story. As the proud mother of Ruby, a 6 year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ms. Ruisi strongly identifies with the mission of the Cavalier Alliance. Ms. Ruisi is a graduate of Fairfield University and spent 10 years at NBC Universal prior to launching her own agency at age 27.  Sharing her experiences she has spoken most recently at Yale University, The #Fashion140 Conference at Lincoln Center and frequently addresses additional colleges and PRSSA chapters across the country. Additionally, Ruisi has been a member of the Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences for over eight years, she is also a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), The Wall Street Journal's "Women of Note," an exclusive network of powerful female leaders and the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs.  

Cavalier Alliance Spring Update

Cavalier Alliance Spring Update We are so pleased to announce that the first copy of our newsletter has been sent out!  Many thanks to Megan Breen who assisted with our design. If you aren't a subscriber yet, please sign up by clicking the link below:

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Q2 Cavalier Alliance Care Grant Applications Now Open

The Cavalier Alliance is pleased to announce that our Q2 Cavalier Alliance Care Grant application period is now open.  Our goal is to provide limited financial assistance grants to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet owners who are in need of help paying for veterinary care for their adopted and / or rescued Cavalier. The typical grant ranges from $25-200 per quarter based on (1) medical urgency, (2) financial need, (3) available funding, and (4) eligibility. For more information, please download the application below.  Completed applications can be submitted via email to or mailed to our corporate office at 64 Cedarwood Road, Boxborough, MA  01719. Cavalier Alliance Care Grant Application Q2 2015

Free Pet First Aid Class – April 23rd

Tuft's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (Grafton, Massachusetts) is offering a free Pet First Aid Class on April 23rd, starting at 5:30 pm. Details and sign up on the link below!

Meghan’s Adopted!

Meghan’s Adopted! Sweet little Meghan was recently adopted. Here she is with her new brother Spencer. She is such a little lady with her paws crossed. Congratulations Meghan on your new forever family! 10648986_901345453259779_4507765132288871956_o

Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs

Along with CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver is an easy to learn procedure that might just save your Cavalier's life one day.   Useful skill to know!   Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs Graphic credit to Animal Wellness Magazine.

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Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog

Delilah Before - J. Wierski 2013

Delilah's arrival photo

  During the summer of 2013. I was starting to think about adopting another Cavalier as a “sibling” for my Florence. Diane Lombardo sent me information about a senior named Delilah along with her pictures. Delilah had come from a backyard breeder and did not look like the typical, fluffy Cavaliers I had seen. Delilah was shaved down, skinny, and looked so pathetic. She was 11 years old and had a heart condition. Diane told me to “think about it” because “she is a total love bug”.   Well I loaded up the car with Florence to meet Delilah and Ken Kates, her current foster parent. It was love at first sight! Delilah jumped into my arms and that was it! After a few months under my care, Delilah started to look like a Cavalier! Her fur grew in and she put on some weight. What struck me though was Delilah’s personality! She was happy all the time, her tail constantly wagged. She had pep and spirit! Delilah was outgoing and had no fear!   I can’t imagine my life without Delilah! She brings me so much joy and I’m glad that I am able to provide her with a better life. Senior dogs have just as much vigor and life as younger dogs! People tend to want to get younger dogs, because they will be around longer, etc., but older, senior dogs should be given a second chance because they give so much life! - Jennifer Wierski
Lovely Delilah - now 13

Lovely Delilah - now 13


#TBT Joys of Fostering Cavaliers

#TBT  Joys of Fostering Cavaliers In honor of #TBT (Throw Back Thursday), we searched our personal archives for photos and stories.  Today's feature is from Tonya's youngest, sharing a story she wrote back in 2003 about their first foster.  Enjoy! If you have old photos and stories about the beloved Cavaliers in your life, please feel free to email them to us.  We will feature selected submissions in our #TBT series in the weeks ahead. britt charlie 2003

My Charlie Story

Once on a fall Saturday morning, Charlie came into our lives. Charlie was a scared, frightened, little male Cavalier puppy. His brown and white short fur was covered in ticks. He hid in the back of his crate and he was really sad. His old owner didn't even want to say goodbye to him. On the way home, Charlie and I stared into each other's eyes. I could tell that he was really scared and had been treated badly. I tried to tell him that he would have a good life with us and he snuffed at the thought! You see, Charlie's previous family had just turned him over to us as a rescue dog and he didn't know the good life - yet!

When we arrived home, my sister, mom and I, just walked Charlie around outside. Daddy offered him a cookie but he didn't want it as he was afraid of the cookie! We introduced Charlie to our other Cavalier, Lucky. Charlie and Lucky sniffed each other and Charlie's tail was under him while Lucky's was out wagging. Then Mom took Charlie inside and put the gates up so Charlie couldn't wander throughout the house. We put his dog bed down and he laid on it as if nothing was wrong. He didn't explore. He just sat on his bed with all of his toys and watched us.

Later that day Charlie decided to explore. Since he had been crated most of his life, he was enjoying the freedom. He raced through the house and paced non-stop. He was almost afraid to sleep. He was afraid to be alone and sometimes howled if we were on the other side of the gate. It was sad to see him so frightened and we knew it would take time for him to learn to trust.

Since Charlie was a rescue dog he had to be checked out by our vet to see if he was healthy or if he had any problems in his life. Our vet put him on the counter and examined him. What he didn't immediately notice was that Charlie had five ticks on him. I found those and Dr. Bleck helped me get them out! The vet told us that Charlie needed to gain a couple of pounds because he was as skinny as a toothpick. He also told us to put antibiotic cream on his tick bites and watch him carefully for a week or two. Other than that, Charlie was healthy and his heart sounded good. That was good news as Cavaliers can have heart problems.

After several days, Charlie learned to trust me so he started following me everywhere. He turned into a great young puppy who couldn't stop chewing. He loved tennis balls, rawhides, ropes and kongs. He especially liked his Booda toys - squeaky toys shaped as small stuffed animals. His favorite spot in the house was the screened-in porch. If it had been summer, he would have spent all day out there!

Charlie was put up for adoption after he settled in. He was still afraid of new people and loud noises though he was doing better. During the days he was waiting for a forever family, he played with Lucky and I. We shared treats, snuggled on the couch, watched movies, ran through the leaves and played tag. We washed up before dinner and Charlie got a cookie after dinner. We became very attached to him.

One evening a family came to visit Charlie. They walked outside with him, gave him treats and played with him. They were very nice to him and really into dogs. We talked about Charlie's temperament and about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. They stayed for almost three hours and Charlie liked their boys.

Just before Christmas, Charlie went to his forever home. I miss Charlie very much though I'm glad that he's happy with his new family. They are taking very good care of him and now I'm looking forward to a new puppy of my own - very soon!

Brittany A.  2003