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Kirby’s Pre-op Consult

Kirby’s Pre-op Consult Kirby Pre-op Consult Kirby's at his pre-op consult this morning and enjoying all the snuggles! Look how much he's grown!  Surgery slated for tomorrow, August 30th.

Poppy’s Cardiology Recheck

Poppy’s Cardiology Recheck Poppy Outside Easter   Poppy’s cardiology recheck this week was great! There were no signs of heart failure and though her heart is still a bit enlarged (typical at this point), the team is hopeful it will continue to resolve (remodel). We will know more in another 8 -10 weeks. Best news of all? She's cleared for normal puppy activities and play. 

Aurora’s Friday the 13th Update

Aurora Dental "Well here I am and Friday the 13th was a lucky day for me! The day started out pretty lousy because I got up thismorning and GOT NO BREAKFAST - NOTHING.Things started to look up when my harness came out and I knew I was going for a car ride. We went to my special doctor and everyone made a big fuss over me. I don't remember much after that but when I woke up they told me I had 17 teeth to leave for the Tooth Fairy tonight. The Landlord says I'm going to break the Tooth Fairy's bank, but my foster mother says Doggie Tooth Fairies leave treats, not money - am I lucky or what?! I'm going back to my doctor in 2 weeks to have a check up on my mouth. This is my picture from just a few minutes ago. You can't tell that my mouth is a little emptier can you?" (Written by Aurora with a bit of help from her foster mom!)

2016 Cavalier Alliance Ornaments

2016 Cavalier Alliance Ornaments 2016 OrnamentThe 2016 Cavalier Alliance ornament is now available for pre-order!  This year our ornament was again designed by the talented Lauren Hamelin, and each one will be custom made for us. This year's ornament features a sweet cavalier with a matte gold bow, dark red ribbon and a small gold heart charm.  Each ornament is approximately 3" high and almost 2" wide. The ordering period will close soon to allow for plenty of time in manufacturing and shipping. Order at: Cavalier Ornament 2016 and check out with your Paypal account or via credit card.  If you’d like to order via check, simply send the check with your name, shipping address and details on your order to us at:  64 Cedarwood Road, Boxborough, MA  01719. Thank you so much for supporting the Cavalier Alliance!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! The festivities, and travel, has started in the Northeast. Where ever you are, we hope you have a wonderful long weekend ahead of you.   If you have plans with your pup, please take a moment and consider the safety points below.   Cavalier Alliance with Oblio

Cavalier Love Campaign

Cavalier Love Campaign The Cavalier Alliance is excited to announce our February campaign to help us meet the needs of dogs in rescue and also support important health research for our beloved breed. What a better time to show our love than during Valentine's month. Gift for Recurring Donation Signups: We are asking everyone to consider signing up on our website at or via paypal to make an automatic donation every month. Every amount, no matter how small, is valued and helps care for the dogs in our program! Anyone who signs up with an ongoing donation of any size will receive the lovely dog tag shown above. It is 1.25" nickel and is blank on the back for you to engrave your dog's information. They can also be used as a tag charm, a bracelet charm or a pendant.
We also will send one to anyone who makes a one-time donation of $75 or more. Other incentives: Everyone who signs up for an automatic donation will be eligible for a drawing to win one of two custom designed watches The watch comes with either a black or brown leather band and has silver stainless steel face and back. How cute is this design! Pre-orders for the watches will also be available in February - starting next week. Our heart tag charm will also be available to order on our site. Auction: The folks at Cavaliers to the ResQ Auction will also be helping us with a February Auction the weekend of Feb 19-21. If you have an item to donate, please send a photo, short description and starting bid recommendation to us at

Honey Sees Her Buddies

Honey Sees Her Buddies We are so excited to share this update with you!  HONEY CAN SEE! Honey, the sweet blenheim with severe cataracts, came to the Cavalier Alliance several weeks ago. She struggled with pneumonia, severe dental disease, and was basically frozen in place due to her blindness.   Her cataracts were almost 1/2" thick. In this early photo you can see the cataracts on her eyes: Honey Photo with Cataracts     And just look at the post-surgical difference: 12391046_1024543734273283_7579295978514419403_n   And the best part of all?  After two days of hospitalization, she returns to her foster home and sees her four-legged buddies for the very first time.  Her tail hasn't stopped wagging! Click on the line below to see the short video: Honey Sees Her Buddies Many many thanks to Deb Glottman, Honey's foster mom,  the amazing team at Vermont Veterinary Eye Care including surgeon Sarah Stone Hoy and techs Angi and Ashlie, and all all of our wonderful supporters and donors who made sight possible for this deserving Cavalier.

Order Now: Cavalier Ornaments

Order Now:  Cavalier Ornaments Our beautiful 2015 limited edition ornament is now ready to order.  The ordering period will close on September 30 to allow for plenty of time in manufacturing and shipping. Order at:   Cavalier Ornament 2015 Processing and check out with your Paypal account or via credit card.  If you'd like to order via check, simply send the check with your name, shipping address and details on your order to us at:  64 Cedarwood Road, Boxborough, MA  01719. Thank you so much for supporting the Cavalier Alliance!  

Welcome Lucy & Zoey

These two sweet pups came to the Cavalier Alliance as a transfer from another group for specialist care.  Their initial vet did a great job of getting them stabilized and we will continue that care.  Lucy has ulcers on her right eye that need reviewed by a specialist and Zoey will need help with a back leg that keeps slipping out of place. lucy 2015Zoey 2015

Duncan’s Recovery Continues

Duncan’s Recovery Continues Duncan, our long-term foster boy who has been struggling with Cushing's disease, is finally on the mend. His recovery is progressing well and our vets tell us that most pups with this disease take 3 - 6 months to stabilize. Since joining our program, this sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has had four ACTH tests to ascertain his cortisol levels and had his medicines adjusted to stabilize him. Due to the generosity of our donors, he has also had a much-needed dental, with extractions, to allow his gum disease to heal.  His tail was also amputated - only part-way - a complication of his untreated Cushing's disease. Now his skin is healing, his fur is growing back and he loves to wander the garden. Take a look at his latest home movie!   Duncan is ready for adoption and a more detailed overview is posted on our Rescue page. At this time, he is taking a daily dose of Trilosane to manage his Cushing's disease and will be on it for the rest of his life. If you would like to contribute to Duncan's on-going care, please consider sending a donation to our paypal account ( or consider sending a check to our address at: 64 Cedarwood Road, Boxborough, MA  01719.