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Callie update April 25:

Callie is just a beautiful pup and now ready to meet her forever family!! 7 years young with the energy and enthusiasm of a teenager. She LOVES to run in the yard with her three siblings!!! She is fast and athletic and loves being outside. Always in the mix of the others, she has totally taken to the life of hanging with other pups, and is picking up cues from they as well. She will shy away when hierarchy is demonstrated, as she has the insight to know when to be respectful!

She has blossomed so much in the few short weeks in foster care, and has shown a huge acclimation to life inside a home as a pet. She came to foster care completely unapproachable and would tense up if touched, handled or even approached. The progress she has made is amazing, but she still has a long road in learning, trusting and accepting human hands and contact. She is only beginning to accept it now, but with trepidation and caution..however, there is no doubt with time and patience she will completely come full circle.

Eating has become enjoyable to her now that she had her dental (just started to take food from foster mom's hand), she is actively approaching foster mom on her own, but still on her own terms. Callie is also actively exploring her surroundings as she follows foster mom to and fro. Callie is happy with the kitty in the house too, showing absolutely NO major interest in her, and NO aggression at all.

Callie is VERY scared of quick movement, so we are being careful not to startle. She shows no fear of kids, except upon approach, and will tense less when loved by the daughter versus the sons. There is more fear with the males than the females even though they treat her in the same manner as the females in the housefold do.

With a loving, incredibly patient family, Callie will thrive. She should be a focal point so that she can continue to thrive under constant love -- without the guidance, she may continue to give in to her old fears about how things should be.

She will be, no doubt, your best friend...she is so sweet, loving, kind and gentle.

If you believe you have the patience and time to add this sweet gal to your family, and live within a reasonable drive of Knoxville TN, please complete the adoption application on our site and email us to let us know of your interest. Callie will do best in a family with a securely fenced yard, someone home most of the day, and a sweet, easy going dog as a companion.

Callie intake notes:

Callie is a 7 yr old, former mill momma, who is just learning how to be a family member. She is working on her house training, learning to walk on leash, and starting to enjoy human contact.  She's just starting to enjoy being held and loves exploring in the back yard.

    Callie has had an initial physical and is scheduled for an echocardiogram this week.  She does have a significant heart murmur, and needs a dental with several extractions, and needs to be spayed, prior to her adoption. We are hopeful that the cardiologist will clear her for anesthesia so we can address her needs. We really believe this sweet gal deserves a chance at family life!

Look for updates periodically here and on our social media pages. Callie is being fostered in Knoxville, TN.

    If you would like to donate to Callie's care, please follow the link at: