Charlie (adopted)

Adopted Small House Trained

Charlie is a sweet, full of energy puppy who loves nothing more than your lap when he wants to rest.

Charlie’s ideal home would be a home with another small dog with lots of energy. Charlie loves to wrestle and play and can go on, and on, and on. Charlie goes to the door when he needs to go outside to do his business, but he does this at least once every 90 minutes. We are working on spreading that time out. He is crate trained and does well overnight with one exception; he usually needs to go outside to do his business after 4 or 5 hours – he will let you know it is time by his little whining. So, you will have to let him out during the early morning hours.

Charlie likes car rides and likes to snuggle in front of a heater/fireplace. He hears doorbells and dogs on TV and reacts to the sounds, but does not bark. He likes to eat as soon as his paws exit his crate in the morning; however, he will go outside first, but expects to be feed upon reentry. If he is hanging out, it is in your lap or glued to you. He likes to keep his eye on you at all times and prefers to never be alone.

All in all, he is a loving boy. He enjoys walks and he does walks well on a leash, but is sometimes distracted by stuff on the ground. He needs to sniff it, and on some occasions, try to eat it.

If you are home most of the day, have a fenced yard and a young playful pup as a companion for Charile, you may be a good match for him. If so, please consider completing the application for him!

Charlie in MA