Charlotte (adopted)

Adopted Small


Charlotte: approximately 6 years old, tricolor female, spayed.

Charlotte has been a great addition to her foster family! She came to them with many new things for her to learn and absorb. Charlotte was quickly recognized as being a very sweet, gentle and funny girl. Among her new challenges were to learn how to walk up and down stairs, go outside through doors to go potty, and walk on a leash! She quickly bonded with the foster family’s English Springer Spaniel (ESS), who helped her deal with many of these issues. Charlotte is often seen sleeping next to her new ESS friend, and will more likely go outside or up and down stairs when she can follow him.

After just a few weeks, Charlotte is now going up and down stairs regularly (sometimes reluctantly, however) and will now walk home on a leash when she gets carried to a head start a block or two from the house! She has learned that she should go potty outside when offered the opportunity every 3-4 hours or so. The foster parents have been initially liberal with the number of times she is offered to go out to avoid accidents in the house.

Charlotte is a bit skittish and may quickly scramble due to loud noises and the quick movement of people. Although she has improved considerably, she will need additional work on this. Even though she is often frightened by people coming towards her too quickly, she loves people and wants to be with them. Charlotte will bark if crated or fenced from them, signaling that the wants to be with the family. She is not yet allowed on the furniture, but her foster parents will hold her in their laps, which she really loves!

A fenced in yard would be very important, as she will currently not go potty while on a leash. A compatible canine companion would also help her adjust to a different routine and help her feel more relaxed and comfortable in a new environment. Additionally, Charlotte would not do well with young children, as she would probably be uncomfortable with their high level of activity. A patient family who is not away from home for long periods and can work with this sweet girl, will be rewarded with the companionship of a wonderful Cavalier who will give them lots of love and laughs in return!

Charlotte was recently spayed and received a dental exam. Her shots are up to date and she was found to be in good health.

Charlotte 3