Cooper (adopted)

Adopted Small House TrainedSpecial Needs

Cooper is an energetic one year-old male. He is definitely a Spaniel with a Capital S, as he loves to run, play and walk. You won’t lack for attention and love when Cooper is around. He’s very attentive and tends to stay underfoot as you go about your daily activities. When you’re resting he’ll find your lap or a nearby blanket to curl up in so he doesn’t miss anything. All in all, he’s a happy dog who wants to please.

Cooper is healthy, but is suffering from a bit of separation anxiety. This anxiety has improved since he began his fostering but will still require some patience and work. He is still in need of training and continued socialization. He is not aggressive in the presence of other dogs or people, he just wants to meet them and lets you know this in a loud, excited manner. If uncorrected he’ll eat from other dog’s bowls. A verbal warning ends this behavior but as a young dog he will benefit from positive-rewards and obedience training.

Cooper will be a great fit for someone looking for an all-day companion, who can ensure he gets a lot of exercise. He’s a delightful puppy/adolescent who needs a gentle family and one with someone home most of the day.

Cooper is a bit of an escape artist and while he loves romping in the fenced yard, he’s also quick to see opportunities and expire further (think under the fence or squeeze through a gate opening). His new family will need to provide the appropriate supervision and leash training to keep him safe.

Cooper is not comfortable in a car at this time and howls in protest. He can also howl some when separated from his people. This has improved greatly in foster care but his new family will need to be committed to work through his separation anxiety and give him the time he needs to settle.

We think Cooper is great and anyone who adopts him will be rewarded with a loving, loyal, adventurous spaniel. If you think you are a good match for Cooper, and can provide the love and positive attention he needs, please complete an application. Preference given to those with a fenced yard, home most of the day and within a 2 hr drive of Columbia Maryland.