Ellie (Adopted)

Adoptable Small

Meet Ellie! 

Ellie is a sweet young blenheim female with epilepsy.  She’s had a neuro consult and our vet team added in potassium bromide to help lessen her seizures.  She is doing well so far.  Ellie will need daily medicine for life and her new family will need to be willing to work with their vet to adjust her meds as needed.  Hopefully as the therapeutic levels of potassium bromide increase and stabilize, she can be weaned off one of her other meds.  
Ellie has no clue she has epilepsy.  She is a smart, determined, gal who loves to go for walks and snuggle.  She has some basic manners and we are working on her crate training.  Ellie can be quite possessive of food and toys, so she is best for an adult only home.  
If you are interested in being considered as a match for this pup, please complete the application and email to let us know if your interest. 
Ellie is being fostered outside of Galway,NY.