Adopted Small

Fred is a sweet senior boy who is struggling with on-going infections in his mouth. He is the absolutely sweetest boy, who just wants to snuggle and be loved. On Friday he will have another procedure to drain an abscess caused by the severe infection that lingered in his mouth, prior to his dental.


Our vet team tells us that when a mouth is significantly diseased, secondary infections are always a possibility. They had Fred on a good high-dose oral antibiotics for the bone infection but his belly had been having trouble with all his meds so we didn’t do multiple antibiotics at once. Now, given this abscess, he can’t drink or eat very much. He’s had fluids, a very broad spectrum antibiotic via injection and lots of pain meds. Our vet team wanted him to have 24 hours of additional antibiotics on board before opening and flushing things out tomorrow as the time will make him a safer surgical patient.

The entire team has said multiple times that Fred had the worst case of dental disease they have seen in 30+ years of practice. His case is a good reminder for all of us as to the importance of dental health. An ounce of prevention and regular checkups are key for your cavalier, or pup of any breed.

We know that the costs of dental care varies widely across the country and that extractions can often run an additional $100-150 each in addition to the actual dental cleaning and anesthesia. There are low cost dental clinics in several areas across the country. Please reach out if you need help for your pup!

As always, senior pups are expensive to care for, and Fred is no exception. If you can contribute toward his care, it would be very much appreciated. The link to donate and our address is listed at: