Lulu (adopted)

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Lulu Headshot

Lulu’s foster mom reports that she just melts when she looks into this little girl’s eyes. She tells us, “I don’t know what her life has been like for her first 7 – 9 years, but I know what I want for her, for the rest of her life…I want her to have a person ALL TO HERSELF.  I want her to be able to sleep with that person, and I want her to not have worry or fear.  I want her to always have food.  I want someone to pet her softly and gently, so she knows she is loved.”
Little Lulu came to us with some health issues. Her heart sounds good, and she tested negative for heartworms.  That is a huge blessing.  But she did need some other things addressed. On 4/5/16, Lulu had a big vet day.  She had a dental with several extractions.  She has 16 left and still has all of her canines, which is great.  She is eating well, and loves her treats.
Lulu was also spayed on that day, and had 2 mammary tumors removed.  That, too, could have been worse.
Lulu came to us with a large growth on her ear.  It was ugly, hot, and very heavy.  It bothered her.  She would start to shake her ears, then stop with a flinch.  The vet was able to remove the growth, skirting around the artery on her ear.  She has a notch in her ear now, but you can tell she feels so much better.  Just the weight of that must have been so painful.  I think, when her hair grows out, you won’t even notice.
Lulu does have a cataract on her left eye that the vet believes is due to past trauma.  She doesn’t see out of that eye but does have vision in her right eye.
Through it all, Lulu is been a trooper.  She’s such a sweet and sensitive girl.  She enjoys going for a ride in the car.  In fact, she’s been coming to work with her foster mom.  When someone comes in, she perks up and wags her tail.  She’s not super social, just yet.  I think she might not trust everyone.  Do you blame her?
She’s very easy to love.  She’s not all that thrilled with the other dogs around, but she’s not crabby about it.  She just hesitates.  It could be that her temporary companion has a cone of shame that keeps whacking her in the head.  Poor girl.  She might be the kind of girl that just wants a person that she can bond with.  She certainly follows me around like a shadow.  Especially while we are going for a walk.  She loves to go walking, and will often bounce around like a puppy, doing play bows and jumping and spinning.
Lulu is very close to housetrained.  There will always be setbacks when going to a new home, but she will go right out to potty.  I do have her on a supplement that is supposed to make her not eat her poop, but a good dog food, and a home environment, will make more of an impact on this than anything else.


Lulu would do best in a family with someone home most of the day.  She could be an only or be with another calm, non-dominant cat or dog.  If you are within a reasonable drive of the greater Kansas City, Missouri area and would like to be considered as a match for this sweet girl, please complete the application and email us to let us know of your interest.