Mason (Adopted)

Adopted Small

Mason is a snuggly and active 4 month old puppy who recently had PDA surgery.  His prognosis is excellent and he is ready to move his forever family.

Mason brings all the fun and all the challenges of puppyhood to a new family.  He will need a positive obedience course to help learn his basic commands and how to walk on a leash nicely.  He will also need lots of supervision and he sees everything, absolutely everything, as a chew toy. Mason is doing very well on his house training and has no accidents in the house as long as he goes out every couple of hours and immediately after rowdy play or a nap.

We crate train our fosters and Mason is responding well to that.  He sleeps in his crate for 7 hours a night.

Mason will need a cardiac followup in 3  months to check his surgical progress.  He is up-to-date on vaccines and has no other noted health issues.

If you are within a reasonable driving distance of Eastern MA, home most of the day, have a fenced yard and the time and love to devote to a puppy, please complete the adoption application on our site.