Rey (Adopted)


Just before Rey’s adoption meeting, it came to our attention that Rey’s fontanelles were still open and the vet team suspected she had fluid on her brain. As a result, we had her evaluated and adjusted our plan for her. Rey has now been placed with a veterinary professional who is able to assess and treat her going forward. We wish the best for this sweet girl and all those in our breed who struggle with neurological challenges.

Rey is a young, 3 month old puppy.  She has been a great addition to her foster family! As a young puppy, she came to them with many things for her to learn and absorb. She a typical puppy. Full of energy, very loving, intelligent, and who generates lots of laughs.
Within a week at her foster home, Rey has practiced learning to sit before receiving her food, and to sit before going outside and coming back in. She quickly learned how to go up and down stairs and is now learning to walk on a leash.  Rey joins in the daily walk of about 20 minutes with the family, which is good for her health and her mind!
Rey’s foster family also had many things to re-learn about puppies!   From not letting her out of sight, i.e crating her when they were not able to provide direct supervision, providing lots of chew and squeaky toys, puppy proofing her play area, and enjoying the morning face kisses!  Being a puppy, she must be provided the opportunity to go outside right after a nap, as well as frequent times during her busy playful day.
Rey is best be suited to a family in which someone is home during a large part of the day and ready for the challenges of raising a puppy.  Rey would also benefit from having a small playful canine companion, as she loves interacting with other dogs, and a securely fenced yard.

Rey is in good health, is up to date with her shots, and is at a great age to begin obedience training.   She is being fostered near Richmond Virginia.