Teddy Bear

Adoptable Small Up-to-date with routine shotsHouse TrainedNo Cats
Teddy Bear is as sweet and snuggly as his name implies! This sweet boy is approximately 5-6 years young. He's a happy, easy going boy. He came into our program needing to lose over 1/3 of his body weight and it's coming off slow and steady. His new family must be committed to his weight loss to protect his health - especially his heart. He enjoys walking in the cool mornings and is learning to love healthier snacks - like green beans. Teddy Bear has a bit of separation anxiety. It's improving in foster care and his new family will have to be patient as he may regress a bit during his transition. Teddy Bear will do best in a family with someone home most of the time, someone who is willing to take him for walks and provide the love and attention he craves. If you think you are a match for our sweet boy, please complete the application and email us to let us know of your interest. He's being fostered in Maryland. To learn more about Teddy and apply, please visit his page on CavalierAlliance.org