Surrender a Cavalier

Do you need help finding a new home for your Cavalier?

Sometimes very loving families have extenuating circumstances and need to re-home their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Often the need to re-home a Cavalier is due to family illness, divorce, loss of job, etc. and it’s a very stressful decision for all involved. We work with families to make that transition a bit easier on both them and their beloved pup.

Owners looking to rehome their cavalier are asked to provide a photo, all prior vet records for the dog, complete a questionnaire on behavior and schedule, and transfer full ownership of their Cavalier to our program, as part of the transfer process.

Cavaliers that come into our program are placed with experienced volunteer families who know and love the breed. They are fostered n private homes, never in a shelter or kennel. All dogs in our program receive a comprehensive veterinary assessment which includes special attention to the dogs medical history, their heart, eyes and teeth, as well as all known special needs. We work with speciality providers to that level of care when needed.

Cavaliers in our program spend an average of 3-5 weeks in foster care, before being matched with potential adopters. Dogs with significant medical needs may be in foster care longer as they receive needed treatment. We have a two visit adoption process and a vet reference check to assure the adoption is a good match for all involved.

If you need to re-home your Cavalier, just send us an email at or give us a call at 978-254-1005. We will discuss your Cavalier’s unique needs, find an appropriate foster family, and work to bring them into our program.

From puppies to seniors, we are here to support the breed!

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