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Cushing’s Disease in Cavaliers

Cushing's disease, otherwise known as Hyperadrenocorticism, is a condition that results when the body produces too much cortisol. Our foster boy, Dudley-Duncan has Cushing's disease and just started treatment. Fortunately, he's responding well to treatment! You can read more about the disease, in the link below:

Cushing's Disease in Canines


Canine Diabetes Overview

For those of you who have asked about Bailey and how diabetes in dogs is managed, here's a quick overview.  http://www.petdiabetesmonth.com/dog_what_is.asp Bailey Canal Walk

Meghan’s Adopted!

Meghan’s Adopted! Sweet little Meghan was recently adopted. Here she is with her new brother Spencer. She is such a little lady with her paws crossed. Congratulations Meghan on your new forever family! 10648986_901345453259779_4507765132288871956_o

Join us on Facebook

We have a vibrant community on Facebook with over 600 followers.  If you are on Facebook, we'd love to have you join us there too.  Click the link above or enter https://www.facebook.com/CavalierAlliance in your browser!   Molly

Is your Cavalier’s Microchip Registered?

IMG_9944photoA friendly, mid-winter reminder to make sure your Cavalier's microchip is registered and your contact information up-to-date. Just read this statistic, ". . .according to the APPA 2010 National Pet Owner Survey, over 50% of microchipped pets have outdated information for the owner." Source: Canine Chronicle 2014

Do you Shop On-line? Try iGive.com

iGive logoDo you shop online? If so, please consider using iGive.com to access the stores you would normally use. The Cavalier Alliance is now on iGive and we would appreciate your support there. It doesn't cost you anything to use and provides a great donation for our group! For everyone who joins and purchases through iGive, between now and March 31, the Cavalier Alliance will receive an additional $5 donation!      

Molly Update

Thank you to all who have donated to Molly's care! We are so pleased that she's our first grant recipient. We were able to contribute $200 towards her care in December and are sending an additional $300 to her vet this week. We could not have done this without your generosity! 
Our first grant recipient, Molly

Our first grant recipient, Molly

Mark Your Calendars: March 12-15

Event: Mark your calendars for a wonderful weekend at the CNE/COS Williamsburg Show, March 12-15. The Cavalier Alliance will have a table there and you can stop by, say hello!, get information on the dogs in our program and our mission, purchase items or bid on our auction items. More info in the coming weeks! https://www.facebook.com/CavalierAllianceFundraising