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Poppy 8 weeks

Poppy is a darling, 8 week old, under 3 lb, puppy with a heart defect known as PDA, that can be fixed with surgery. Without surgery, her life expectancy will be very short, but assuming she makes it through surgery, she has an excellent prognosis for a normal life. She is scheduled for surgery at Cornell University in the coming weeks and we are asking for your help so that we can fund this life-saving surgery for her! No gift is too small and we will all be appreciative for whatever assistance you can provide.

Poppy was born with a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Normally the ductus arteriosus, an important blood vessel, shunts blood from the heart and bypasses the lungs when puppies are in the uterus before birth – they don’t need to breath, so there’s no need for blood to go to the lungs. At birth, this blood vessel normally closes, so that oxygenated blood reaches the lungs and then is circulated to the rest of the body, providing oxygen rich blood to important tissues. If the ductus doesn’t close properly, the heart has to work extra hard to pump oxygenated blood to these important tissues. Eventually, the heart muscle becomes thickened from working so hard and, in time, the heart muscle weakens and heart failure and death results.

Poppy already, at only 8 weeks of age, has evidence that her heart muscle is thickened. With prompt surgery, her heart can repair itself before the damage is permanent, but there isn’t much time.

If you would like to donate to Poppy’s surgery and care, please visit our donate page or send via PayPal (friends and family option) to . . .

Thank you to the NY / NJ Cavalier Meetup Group!

Huge shout out of thanks to all the amazing folks and cavaliers who came out for the March 5th King’s Tea.  So much fun was had by all and they raised over $6000 for the pups in our program.

Kings tea flyer

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! The festivities, and travel, has started in the Northeast. Where ever you are, we hope you have a wonderful long weekend ahead of you.  

If you have plans with your pup, please take a moment and consider the safety points below.


Cavalier Alliance with Oblio

Sponsor Highlight: Pink Petunia Paws

Sponsor Highlight:  Pink Petunia Paws

As part of our early fundraising activities, we have been fortunate to receive support from small businesses who donated items to our auction! In the weeks ahead, we are going to feature their stories and links to their shops so you all can get to know them better!
Today’s story is from Catherine Carmichael, owner of Pink Petunia Paws and Pink Petunia Cottage Dolls (

When we asked Catherine about her experience with Cavaliers, she explained,
“We got Oliver almost 10 years ago, one year after my mom got her first Cavalier -Toby. She then decided to adopt one from Cavalier Rescue USA and I met Paula Bailey when she came for a home visit at my parents. They adopted Nevis a beautiful Ruby. I have a little shop where I sell handmade Waldorf Dolls and Quilts and would ask Paula if they needed any donations and of course they did. LOL So I would auction off a doll or quilt and have the high bidder send the money to Cavalier Rescue. I tried to do that as much as I could.

Paula and I kept in touch and my mom adopted another dog from them, Charlie. Then I decided to foster and had our wonderful Phoebe come into our lives. I knew I would be a foster failure that first night.

I don’t foster now, because we have 2 Cavaliers with serious health issues, Oliver has diabetes and is blind and Sadie has SM, Hydrocephalus, IVDD and had patella surgery last year. My way of contributing is donating my quilts, quilted pillows and now my collars and leashes. I love the Cavalier Rescue groups and especially love Cavalier Alliance because of the multiple health issues of this wonderful breed.”

Catherine’s beautiful handiwork can be found on her FaceBook pages and in her Etsy store at:

Pink Petunia Cottage (

Thanks Catherine for your support of the Cavalier Alliance!



Catherine’s Beautiful Cavaliers

IMG_6837 IMG_6900

National Bite Prevention Week & Resources

National Bite Prevention Week & Resources

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week this week. Not a topic usually discussed in the same sentence as Cavaliers, but the reality is any dog, if provoked, can bite. There are an estimated 70 million dogs in the US and approximately 4.5 million reported dog bites annually. Over 350,000 children were bit by dogs in 2010-2012 and over a third of those were children between the ages 5 and 9. Most injuries to children are to the head and neck area.

These sobering stats are a good reminder to teach young children how to properly interact with all pups (including Cavaliers), how to avoid being bitten and to properly socialize, train and leash your Cavalier.

If you would like more information on what to do if you are bit, or if your dog bites someone, please download the AMVA handout on dog bites.


Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits

Beautiful portraits of your pet painted by the talented Lauren Hamelin with all proceeds to benefit the Cavalier Alliance! All portraits are painted on 10oz gesso coated cotton duck canvas. Hand-splined on the back with minimal staples, 7/8” profile canvas is perfect for displaying unframed. All portraits are unframed. Hanging hardware not included. Sizes are noted below.

The pricing below is for a portrait with just one pet. If you seek a portrait with multiple pets in it, please contact us for specific pricing. If you don’t see a size you like, please inquire for the price & timing. Deeper canvas (1 ½”) is also available by special order & additional fee.

Created on a first-come, first served basis, please send 3-4 clear photos of your pet (1-2 close ups are great!) Since oils take longer to dry, please allow 4-6 weeks minimum for your painting to arrive. Larger portraits will take longer.

Sizing and Price:

5×7” or 6×6” mini $50.00 plus shipping

8×10” or 8×8” $75.00 plus shipping

9×12” or 10×10” $110.00 plus shipping

11×14” or 12×12” $150.00 plus shipping

Larger sizes, please inquire.

Portraits will be started when payment & photos have been received. Please email photos to:

Payments can be sent via PayPal to:

You may also send a check payable to: Cavalier Alliance
64 Cedarwood Road
Boxborough MA, 01719

Please make sure your name & address, your pet’s name & canvas size is included in all correspondence so we can make sure you get the correct portrait.

Congrat’s to Bailey

Congrat’s to Bailey

Congratulations to Bailey on his new family. We are happy to report that his diabetes is now well managed and he’s enjoying early morning belly rubs. We wish him many happy years in with his new family! IMG_7406Bailey Canal Walk

Free Pet First Aid Class – April 23rd

Tuft’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (Grafton, Massachusetts) is offering a free Pet First Aid Class on April 23rd, starting at 5:30 pm. Details and sign up on the link below!

Joys of Adopting a Senior Dog


Delilah Before - J. Wierski 2013

Delilah’s arrival photo


During the summer of 2013. I was starting to think about adopting another Cavalier as a “sibling” for my Florence. Diane Lombardo sent me information about a senior named Delilah along with her pictures. Delilah had come from a backyard breeder and did not look like the typical, fluffy Cavaliers I had seen. Delilah was shaved down, skinny, and looked so pathetic. She was 11 years old and had a heart condition. Diane told me to “think about it” because “she is a total love bug”. You could also navigate to this website to get the right kind of trainer and train your dog.


Well I loaded up the car with Florence to meet Delilah and Ken Kates, her current foster parent. It was love at first sight! Delilah jumped into my arms and that was it! After a few months under my care, Delilah started to look like a Cavalier! Her fur grew in and she put on some weight. What struck me though was Delilah’s personality! She was happy all the time, her tail constantly wagged. She had pep and spirit! Delilah was outgoing and had no fear! You could check my site here and understand the right way to get your dog trained and disciplined. Five Tips For Dog Training As A Family gives out easy tricks to be followed to train your dogs effortlessly with a professional touch.


I can’t imagine my life without Delilah! She brings me so much joy and I’m glad that I am able to provide her with a better life. Senior dogs have just as much vigor and life as younger dogs! People tend to want to get younger dogs, because they will be around longer, etc., but older, senior dogs should be given a second chance because they give so much life! – Jennifer Wierski

Lovely Delilah - now 13

Lovely Delilah – now 13


#TBT Joys of Fostering Cavaliers

#TBT  Joys of Fostering Cavaliers

In honor of #TBT (Throw Back Thursday), we searched our personal archives for photos and stories.  Today’s feature is from Tonya’s youngest, sharing a story she wrote back in 2003 about their first foster.  Enjoy!

If you have old photos and stories about the beloved Cavaliers in your life, please feel free to email them to us.  We will feature selected submissions in our #TBT series in the weeks ahead.

britt charlie 2003

My Charlie Story

Once on a fall Saturday morning, Charlie came into our lives. Charlie was a scared, frightened, little male Cavalier puppy. His brown and white short fur was covered in ticks. He hid in the back of his crate and he was really sad. His old owner didn’t even want to say goodbye to him. On the way home, Charlie and I stared into each other’s eyes. I could tell that he was really scared and had been treated badly. I tried to tell him that he would have a good life with us and he snuffed at the thought! You see, Charlie’s previous family had just turned him over to us as a rescue dog and he didn’t know the good life – yet!

When we arrived home, my sister, mom and I, just walked Charlie around outside. Daddy offered him a cookie but he didn’t want it as he was afraid of the cookie! We introduced Charlie to our other Cavalier, Lucky. Charlie and Lucky sniffed each other and Charlie’s tail was under him while Lucky’s was out wagging. Then Mom took Charlie inside and put the gates up so Charlie couldn’t wander throughout the house. We put his dog bed down and he laid on it as if nothing was wrong. He didn’t explore. He just sat on his bed with all of his toys and watched us.

Later that day Charlie decided to explore. Since he had been crated most of his life, he was enjoying the freedom. He raced through the house and paced non-stop. He was almost afraid to sleep. He was afraid to be alone and sometimes howled if we were on the other side of the gate. It was sad to see him so frightened and we knew it would take time for him to learn to trust.

Since Charlie was a rescue dog he had to be checked out by our vet to see if he was healthy or if he had any problems in his life. Our vet put him on the counter and examined him. What he didn’t immediately notice was that Charlie had five ticks on him. I found those and Dr. Bleck helped me get them out! The vet told us that Charlie needed to gain a couple of pounds because he was as skinny as a toothpick. He also told us to put antibiotic cream on his tick bites and watch him carefully for a week or two. Other than that, Charlie was healthy and his heart sounded good. That was good news as Cavaliers can have heart problems.

After several days, Charlie learned to trust me so he started following me everywhere. He turned into a great young puppy who couldn’t stop chewing. He loved tennis balls, rawhides, ropes and kongs. He especially liked his Booda toys – squeaky toys shaped as small stuffed animals. His favorite spot in the house was the screened-in porch. If it had been summer, he would have spent all day out there!

Charlie was put up for adoption after he settled in. He was still afraid of new people and loud noises though he was doing better. During the days he was waiting for a forever family, he played with Lucky and I. We shared treats, snuggled on the couch, watched movies, ran through the leaves and played tag. We washed up before dinner and Charlie got a cookie after dinner. We became very attached to him.

One evening a family came to visit Charlie. They walked outside with him, gave him treats and played with him. They were very nice to him and really into dogs. We talked about Charlie’s temperament and about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. They stayed for almost three hours and Charlie liked their boys.

Just before Christmas, Charlie went to his forever home. I miss Charlie very much though I’m glad that he’s happy with his new family. They are taking very good care of him and now I’m looking forward to a new puppy of my own – very soon!

Brittany A.  2003