How do I surrender a dog to the Cavalier Alliance? 

If you are looking to rehome your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, please email us at CavalierAlliance2014 (at) gmail.com  If you need to reach us via phone, please call our main number at 978-254-1005.
I’m a breeder looking for help placing a special needs dog or a senior.  How do I work with the Cavalier Alliance? 
The Cavalier Alliance can work with breeders  by bringing a special-needs dogs into our program for placement assistance.  This involves transition of the dog to one of our foster care homes, obtaining needed vetting, and placement in a loving home that is matched based on the special needs of the dog.  We ask that breeders contribute to any required vet care prior to the dog’s adoption.
We also work with breeders by creating a posting on our social media sites (as a courtesy) for greater visibility for potential homes.
Can I stop by and meet your available dogs?
We do not have a central kennel or shelter location for families to view and meet dogs.  Our  dogs are all in foster care, in private homes throughout the region.  Families who have applied and are deemed a good potential match for the dog, will be invited to meet the dog at their foster home.
What is the adoption process? 
All Cavalier Alliance dogs are carefully matched with their forever families based on the best interests of the dog and the interested family.  We consider factors such as temperament, other pets in the home, other family members in the home, fence (not required for all dogs), distance from foster home, alone hours, experience with the dog’s medical condition (if applicable), etc.
The process involves an application, one or two phone interviews, a veterinary reference, and two visits (one at foster home and one at home of potential adopters). In order to ascertain fit, we generally ask that the entire family meet the foster pup.
Adoption donations range from $ 350 – $850 depending on the age and health of the dog.
Are you affiliated with other rescue groups or breed clubs? 
The Cavalier Alliance  generally limits our work to pure-bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. On occasion, we do have Cavalier mixes we have agreed to assist. 
We were the first national Cavalier rescue organization started based on a love of special-needs and senior cavaliers.  We are an independent non-profit corporation and not affiliated with other rescue groups or breed clubs.  We are all about the dogs and happy to take pups as transfers to our program from individuals, breeders, other rescue groups, and / or shelters.
How do I apply for the Cavalier Alliance Grant Program? 
Q3 / 16 Grant Application is on-line.
How does the Cavalier Alliance’s Grant Program differ from other senior-care programs? 
The Cavalier Alliance Grant Program is designed to help to defray the medical expenses of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels adopted through our program.
We also seek to help defray the costs of veterinary care for those who have adopted their senior or special-needs Cavaliers from other rescues and have a demonstrated financial and veterinary care need.
Who do I contact about a potential research project or collaboration?

To discuss research projects which benefit Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, please  call our general office number at 978-254-1005.