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Our first grant recipient, Molly

Our first grant recipient, Molly


Molly is a sweet, approximately 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who needs your help.  She has a heart tumor and we are raising money to help her and other pups like her in our new group.

Molly was adopted from rescue about two years ago by a retired couple who wanted to help a dog in need. It is estimated that she is currently 9 years old. Molly was in poor health when she came to rescue with extremely decayed teeth and gum disease. She lost a significant number of teeth during her dental. Molly’s sweet personality became apparent with each new day as a result of her new loving home and necessary vet care.

In August, her new owner noticed Molly was lethargic and breathing heavily. Molly was rushed to an emergency clinic. Upon further evaluation and testing it was determined that Molly had a cancerous tumor in her heart that was inoperable. Molly’s owner took her to see a team of cardiologists and oncologists that felt they could address the heart issues. Molly’s specialists have been able to treat her with a “cocktail” of medications that have successfully managed the CHF and the tumor.

As part of our mission at The Cavalier Alliance (cavalieralliance.org), we want to help offset expenses for adopted cavaliers like Molly – especially those with heart issues common to the breed.

So far, due to the generosity of our followers, we have been able to contribute $350 to Molly’s care and look forward to contributing more as funds allow!