Annie (Adopted)

Annie is a little ham! We are guessing she is between 3-6. She acts so young! She is housebroken and is learning how to walk on a leash. She loves attention and enjoys being the queen bee!

Annie has severe (Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), or dry eye, is an ocular condition commonly diagnosed in dogs.
KCS results most often from an inadequate quantity of tears or a deficient quality of tears. She needs two types of medications to keep her eyes producing tears and decreasing inflammation and pigmentation. Then she gets a lubricant many times a day to ease the feeling of dry eye. She is such a trooper about her meds. They make her feel better and you can tell she is grateful.

Annie has a grade 4 murmur with some heart enlargement. She has had echocardiogram this week and she does not need any meds at this time 

Annie is fostered with kids and cats and loves other dogs. She is working on some possessive traits when her food is introduced but you can tell that she has gone without before and takes her meals very seriously. Nothing dangerous or uncorrectable.

She is shy but starts to come out of her shell quickly because she is inquisitive and interested in everything. We lovingly call her pancake because her first instinct is to flatten to the ground. She is fearful of people looming over her. . However, every day she seems to get past more and more and just feels into the love that surrounds her.

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