Bowie (adopted)

Adopted Small


Update April 23, 2017:  Congratulations to Bowie and his new family!  <3



Bowie is an energetic puppy who was born with a cleft palate defect.  His breeder fought to save his life and tube fed him for the first five – six weeks.  It was round-the-clock care and he wouldn’t have survived without it. Bowie

Since joining the Cavalier Alliance, Bowie has been fostered by vet techs.  He was on antibiotics for aspirate pneumonia and only ate tiny kibbles pieces while he waited for surgery.  His recent surgery to correct his soft palate was successful, though he will most likely need a second surgery in 8-10 months to repair his hard palate.  He is up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped.

Bowie is a typical, active puppy who loves his toys.  He enjoys the company of other dogs, but could also be an only.  He learns quickly and is making good progress in his house training.

Bowie is ready to meet an adoptive family and start to bond with them. Given his need for followup care, his forever family will need to be a reasonable distance from his vet in Burlington, Vermont.  If you live within a one hour drive of Burlington, and think you are a good match for Bowie, please complete the application and email us to let us know of your interest!