Chloe (adopted)

Adopted Small House TrainedSpecial Needs

Chloe is a soon to be six year old cavalier who came into our program when her owner passed away.


Since arriving in our care, Chloe has had a full physical, she has been treated for a severe ear infection, and she had a dental where 18 teeth had to be extracted.  She was also treated for an infection and pancreatitis.  Chloe has had one grand mal seizure in foster care. The origins of that seizure are not known and the treating vet suspected it could have been related to low blood sugar.  Careful monitoring in the future will be key for her health and any future seizures should be timed and addressed with one’s veterinarian.


While Chloe is essentially deaf, she does have some limited hearing will respond to loud human voices.  Her new family will benefit by teaching her hand signs in the months ahead.


Chloe loves to hang out with her human and follow them throughout the house.  Her favorite place though is on the dog bed on the desk.  Chloe  also enjoys time with the other cavaliers in her foster family, including exploring the back yard,  and has just learned to bark at the chickens outside.


Chloe had been the constant companion of a chihauha (Patsy) for the past few years, though once in foster care, they discovered new friends and new bonds.   You can read more about Patsy on her page.


To be considered as a match for this sweet girl, please complete the application on our page.  We are looking for a family with another small cavalier  or two to keep her company and someone home most of the day.  Given her deafness, a securely fenced yard is a requirement for this sweet pup.