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Emmett 2015 StandingEmmett in North Carolina

Emmett is an adorable special needs puppy who was born on 4-24-14 with hydrocephalus and vision limitations. He was fortunate to be adopted in October of last year by a wonderful lady that took amazing care of him. Sadly, his owner was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of this year and died suddenly in February. He is currently in foster care and is doing very well.

emmett and pal 2015

Despite his limitations, Emmett is extremely functional. He is a silly and very sweet boy who loves to give kisses and cuddle up in a lap to take a nap. He enjoys the company of other dogs, as well as calm children.

He can see well enough not to bump into things and maneuver his way around, as long as he is in a well lit area. He is potty trained and crate trained. He walks well on a leash for potty breaks, as long as he feels safe and is close to you. He enjoys his crate and often goes in and out of it on his own to retreat and relax. He sleeps like an angel in his crate every night and doesn’t make a peep. He loves toys, treats, and chew bones!

The hydrocephalus and limited vision cause Emmett to proceed with extra caution, almost all of the time. He sometimes walks in circles, especially when he is trying to visually map out his area. He seems to have rather good hearing, but often has a difficult time processing where noises are coming from and how to react to them. He startles easily, but does very well with verbal commands, such as saying “up” before being picked up so he knows what’s about to happen. He cannot see well enough to go up and down flights of stairs, so he has to be carried, which isn’t an issue considering he’s only 11 pounds.

Emmett is neutered, current on his vaccines, and on heartworm prevention. Currently, he is also on daily medication for the hydrocephalus. He will require more frequent visits to a veterinarian to monitor his hydrocephalus and medication regimen. He has been evaluated by a neurologist and may need another neurology workup in the future.

Emmett would do best with a family that is home most of the day and with someone that is willing to devote a little extra time and attention to helping him feel safe, learn his way around, and sometimes carry him where he needs to go. Because of his limited vision, a single-story home with a fenced in yard would be best for Emmett.

To assist with the research efforts of the Cavalier Alliance, we are giving preference to adopters who will keep in touch and chart his growth and development for us (including photos and video) on a quarterly basis.

If you think Emmett is the right match for you, please complete our adoption application:

Adoption Application

DOB:  4/24/2014

Sex:  Male

Weight:  11 lbs.  Estimated weight at maturity is 13 lbs.

Housetraining: Good.  Does best with reminders and frequent trips out.

Health:  Vision loss and hydrocephalic

Temperament:  Happy, cuddly and cautious

Ideal home: Single level home with someone home most of the day. A fenced yard preferable. Calm children would be fine as would other gentle dogs.

emmett and preschooler 2015