Emmie (Adopted)


My name is Emmie. I am absolutely fantabulous I am told! I love my foster mom hard! She adores me. She says if I don’t get a home soon she will officially have to add one more cavalier to her family!

So here are some Emmie facts:
I was loved a lot by my original family. I slept in bed with them and I am very very well behaved in bed at night. I curl up close and sleep all night often upside down. I really do not like being alone and if I need to be crated while my foster mom runs to the store for me, I yodel a very sad song. I, only on occasion, figure out how to get on the kitchen table if the chairs aren’t pushed in. Foster mom has a lot of treats up there and I just can’t help myself. If I get caught I get right down. I just lose myself in the great smells up there. Remember, I am a smart smart youngster. All of these adventures are like puzzles and I love to solve puzzles! Plus I can’t get all my energy out because of my healing injury so sometimes I lose my manners but only for a minute!

I love everyone! I might love my foster mom’s kitty a little too much. He thwacks me some and tells me to back off on occasion. I just really love to lick him all over and on occasion follow him a bit too close and I get in his personal space. I am getting better though. I do love all dogs. I have to remember that they might not love me immediately but they all do because I am kind and submissive.

I love every toy ever made. I take good care of my toys. I share chewies and bully sticks with all of my cavalier friends and I know that some other dogs might not want to share but I try hard to talk them into it!

I love my walks and would really appreciate my new family to be active so I can show you how great my bionic leg really is! I am really great off leash in my yard. I come immediately and am respectful of my moms gardens.

I am very very housebroken and I even learned to use my foster moms doggie door very quickly. I have been told that I am super smart and would do great at agility or nose work.

Emmie Requirements:

My adoption team says I need certain things in my new home and you should all know a bit more about me. I had a broken leg that was fixed and my doctors still won’t let me run as much as I’d like. I will need another recheck in the next few weeks. I have had all my vaccines and been spayed.

I like to explore outdoors and lay in the sun so I need a fenced yard. I can be an only and have all the family’s attention for myself. I have to go to class for obedience training because I am young. Since I do not like to be alone, the team promised I could be in a family with someone home most of the time. I need to be close to my foster mom’s home and my vet team for my rechecks.

I hope I get to meet my forever family soon and get to start all my new adventures. I can’t wait to shower you with love and kisses. I promise to crawl on your lap and flop on my side for belly rubs. I will lead you thru a life of fun adventures and shower you with the love you deserve!