Harper (adopted)

Baby - Female
Adopted Small


Please note that we have had an overwhelming response to Harper’s posting and are no longer accepting applications specifically for this sweet puppy.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through the applications to find her the right match for her forever family.


Hi, my name is Harper. I am busy, busy, busy but my foster mom says I have to take five minutes to tell everybody about me. Something about finding my new family.

Most importantly, I’m a girl. We all know girls rule! I am very wise since I’m already 16 weeks old. I know my age because my foster mom (FM) made a big deal out of my 14th birthday falling on February 14th. Humans are very strange.

I have a very ladylike figure weighing 7 pounds. I kind of feel bad for some of the other dogs that don’t have fur as pretty and soft as mine. I even have the sought after Blenheim Mark. My FM says it’s where the angel kissed the top of my head.

I went to the Doctor who said I am in great shape. No murmur, good knees, ears clean. I have a weird heart beat that the doctor said is an arrhythmia but it is nothing that needs medicine or treatment. It just makes me more special. She said I should live a normal long life. I hope so since I have a lot to do!

My job right now is checking out ALL the dog toys at my foster home. I like to take them one at time to make sure they are all working right. That involves chewing it, chasing it, dropping it and shaking it. So far, so good. Being a puppy, I love to chew. My FM gives me bully sticks that I love. When I asked her what they were made of, she told me it doesn’t matter. I think she’s hiding something from me but whatever, I love them.

There are four other dogs here. I am having so much fun. I play hard with them. It’s like that saying, ‘if you can’t keep up with the big dogs, stay on the porch!’   Well I am not on the porch. My FM watches me since she is scared they’ll hurt me by playing too rough but I’m not scared.

Once I’ve played, I sleep hard, too. I prefer a warm lap but will chill out on the couch, a chair, dog bed or whatever is close when I get sleepy.

I sleep in my crate at night and any time my family leaves the house. I like it and feel secure there. I go right in and sleep all night until breakfast time.

Apparently, in this house, you’re supposed to potty outside. I am learning that but I sometimes forget when I’m so busy playing. My FM is pretty good about taking me outside and I always go then. I’m learning and should have it accomplished in no time.

Let me, or the human that checks the applications, know if you want me to come live with your family. Especially if you are in Virginia.  I’m really excited to check out all your dog toys to make sure they work right.