Krissy (adopted)

Adopted Small House Trained

Krissy is a beautiful Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her age is estimated to be five years old. She has beautiful searching, loving eyes and looks at you with all the affection you can imagine and wants to share with you. She loves to sit in your lap and be petted and loved. Her tail wags with happiness constantly when she sees you and is with you.

She is working on her mobility as she probably has not been exercised much. She seems inexperienced with stairs but is getting better navigating them. She is also significantly improved in her potty training and is picking it up well. Krissy has been spayed and lost a few teeth in her dental. She has a level two heart murmur which is common in cavaliers and is asymptomatic at this time.

We have also found in rescue that Krissy has hearing loss but we are not sure of the degree. This in no way diminishes her desirability. She seems to function well in the household and is responsive when she sees you. She may not greet at the door if she is sleeping but once she is awake she greet you with loving eyes and happiness. She may need to be supervised when she is going outside to potty as she seems unsure of herself and wants you close by. She may also not hear a return call so it’s important that she be securely leashed at all times.

Krissy is the most loving little girl you can imagine. Anyone would be blessed to have her as their companion and part of their family.

If you think you may be a good match for Krissy, and are within a reasonable drive of the Washington DC area, please complete an application for her.