Little Biddy (adopted)

Adopted Small

Little Biddy is a wonderful puppy, full of energy and wiggles! She is very smart, has learned to “sit” and to “come” already. Her foster family is using a clicker to train her….click to mark the behavior and then a little treat. We’re using peanut butter flavored Cheerios as her reward…..she loves them! She is a very active and playful little girl. She loves people of all ages.

Biddy enjoys a couple of walks each day in our neighborhood, but considering her short puppy legs it probably seems long to her. She remembers every house she passes where someone was outside and met her, making a fuss over her and she pulls toward those houses. She loves adults and adores children – anyone who will play with her and rub her belly.

Biddy has been kept away from the other pups in her foster home because she’s had kennel cough but she gets very excited and her tail wags 100 MPH when she sees other dogs. She is a very typical mouthy puppy so we are working on the words “no bite” and substituting an appropriate toy instead as a reminder that teeth are for toys not hands and she is getting it. She is going to be a wonderful companion for some lucky family.

Since arriving in our program, Biddy has been working on house-training and crate training.  She sleeps happily in her crate at night and whenever she can not be directly supervised.

Given Biddy’s young age, she will need to attend a puppy kindergarten class and then a basic manners class which will teach this little one all the things a puppy needs needs to know. It will keep that smart little girl’s brain working and learning, plus the socialization will be fun for her. She might also enjoy an agility class. She is like a sponge, curious and excited about every new thing she runs across.

The ideal family for Biddy is one that is home most of the day, is willing to commit to training and ready for the joys of a young pup.  Adopters with another young playful small dog are preferred and a fenced yard would be ideal as she loves outside.

If you think you are a good match for Little Biddy, have the time and energy to devote to a young puppy, and live within a reasonable drive of the Harrisburg PA area, please complete the application below.