Mikey (adopted)

Adopted Small House Trained

Mikey is a sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who loves nothing more than being with his person. He has all the energy of a young, healthy pup with the calm of an adult dog!  Mikey especially loves walks, car rides and running in the yard. Inside he’s happiest while in sight of his humans – either on a dog bed in the kitchen or next to a person on the couch. 

While Mikey gets along well with the other Cavaliers in his foster home, he would be content as a beloved only.  He is used to adult-only households and prefers calm, quiet environments.  He can be a bit timid in new situations and with loud noises. For that reason, we are going to limit his placement homes without children and homes without big dogs.
Mikey walks well on leash, and has generally good house manners.  He was recently neutered and before that surgery, he was humping the other dogs in his foster home and thought about marking.  That behavior has quickly disappeared since his neuter (last Friday), though he will need his house training reinforced as he transitions to a new home.  Mikey does have mild separation anxiety and will initially bark in his crate when left alone.  During his time in foster care, this has lessened rapidly and we expect his new family will see the same positive transition.
At this time, Mikey is sleeping well in his crate, next to his human’s bed.  He’s such a snuggly boy though that we know he’d prefer to sleep in bed with his humans!  Like all of us, Mikey has preferences as to how he sleeps and often moves the crate mats aside, yet prefers dog beds to the wood floors in his foster home.
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If you are interested in meeting Mikey, and live within a reasonable drive of Boxborough, MA,please complete our application at CavalierAlliance.org and email it to us at cavalierhelp@cavalieralliance.org.  Placement preference will be given to individuals and/or families home most of the day who can give Mikey the love and attention he deserves!