Millie (Adopted)

Adopted Small Donations Needed

** Donations Needed **

Millie is a sweet, young, puppy, just under 5 months of age.  Since coming into our program, she has been treated for a variety of ailments including a severe skin infection, (probable) sarcoptic mange, and vomiting.  She was also treated for a large abscess on her neck that has since resolved.

Now that her general health has stabilized, we are moving on to address her neurologic concerns.  Millie has a hind-leg air scratch, occasionally air licks, and she’s a bit unstable on her feet from time to time.  Most of the time, she’s a happy, low key pup.

We are raising money to MRI Millie and her litter mates to ascertain the cause of their neurologic challenges.  We want to be able to ascertain as much as possible about their health so prospective families will know what to expect in the years ahead.

Neurological workups in the greater Boston area average $2800-3200 for an individual dog.  The estimate we received includes both the MRI and a CSF evaluation, as recommended by the neurologist.

If you are able to contribute to her MRI fund, it would be greatly appreciated.  No amount is too small and all much appreciated!