Teddy (adopted)

Adopted Small House Trained

20151016_075351If you are looking for a loving, loyal companion, then Teddy might be the guy for you.

Teddy joined our program after his owner passed away. He is a wonderful, affectionate, happy dog and is looking for a home where he can get a lot of attention and belly rubs.

Teddy is 7 years old and in good health other than being underweight. He was recently neutered and He arrived in foster care at 15 lbs. and should ideally be 19 or 20 lbs. He has already gained over a pound in foster care and his new home will need to continue that progress. Teddy is well behaved and will be a loyal companion to a lucky family. He is housebroken and he has learned to use a doggie door in his foster home. He loves to go out and explore the fenced in yard, but would also be fine in a home that is committed to leash walking him.

An ideal home for Teddy would be one where someone is home most of the time. He does have some separation anxiety, which has lessened considerably in foster care. He wants to follow his foster Mom everywhere she goes and needs to have her in his eyesight at all times or he will bark from anxiety. After about a week in foster care, the barking settled down quite a bit as he developed a routine and began to feel more secure in his environment. We expect him to have a similar adjustment period in his Due to his separation anxiety, he will need to live in a house rather than an apartment.

Although Teddy was an only dog, he has gotten along beautifully with the three other dogs in his foster home. He snuggles in the dog beds with them and he seems to find comfort and companionship with them. As long as there is enough attention to go around, Teddy would be fine living in a home with another friendly dog. Teddy has also been living with two human brothers (ages 12 and 14). Teddy loves the boys and everyone he meets so a home with older, respectful children could be a possibility as well.

If you live within a reasonable drive New Milford, CT and think Teddy is the dog for you, please fill out an online application and email us at cavalierhelp@cavalieralliance.org to let us know of your interest!